Frequently Used Links:

Some "new" things to try:

  • Pinterest Pin pics from all over the web on a board to create a cool scrapbook/collage. Add captions and thoughts.
  • Posterous Create a "space" with images, links, posts, everything you can imagine. Kind of a new approach to a blog.

Resources for words and search terms:

  • Visuwords -- Dynamic, graphic dictionary.
  • Wordle -- Create word clouds for any text.
  • Tagxedo -- Beyond Wordle! Word clouds with style -- create images made up of word clouds

Resources for notes and sharing notes:

  • Wallwisher -- A new approach to a discussion board: an online notice board with post-its!
  • Lino -- An online corkboard!
  • -- Exactly what you think it is.

Resources for presentations:

  • Prezi -- Very cool, whole new way to imagine the presentation.
  • Ahead -- Dynamic presentations, similar to Prezi, but a bit more streamlined and contained.
  • Glogster -- Create interactive multimedia posters.
  • Slide -- VERY COOL! Almost a mix between a slideshow and a glog. Check it out!
  • VoiceThread-- Amazing interactive slide shows.
  • Sliderocket -- Presentation program, like a very cool version of PowerPoint.
  • Animoto -- They claim it's the end of boring slide shows!
  • XtraNormal -- Super cool! If you can type, you can make short animated movies!
  • MuseumBox -- Create amazing, innovative, interactive museum boxes -- "This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box."
  • Atmosphir -- Create your own video games.
  • Empressr -- Create rich media presentations that you can then embed. A very cool, very easy to use presentation tool, similar to ppt or keynote.
  • Smilebox -- Really cool slideshows; lots of cool artsy effects and tons of templates to help you.

Resources for utilizing multimedia:

  • -- Make playlists of videos to embed in your wikis, blogs, etc.
  • TubeChop -- Edit youtube videos -- allows you to take out just a portion of a youtube video for use.
  • KeepVid -- Download youtube videos.

Resources for creative images and sound:

  • Pixlr -- Photo editing program, like Photoshop.
  • Kerpoof -- Cool animation studio.
  • Voki -- Talking avatars.
  • Blabberize -- Make any picture talk.
  • Audacity -- Free, cross-platform sound editor -- record a sound, edit it, save it as an mp3, and embed it.
  • Photo Story 3 -- Microsoft's answer to Mac's iLife.

Resources for creating timelines:

Resources for collaboration and peer review and editing:

  • CrocaDoc -- "Mark Up and Review Documents Online --Collaboratively highlight and comment on PDFs, Word documents, images, and more!"
  • SharedCopy --"Annotate and collaborate on any website!"
  • -- Write like your are IMing.

Resources for sharing files and bookmarks:

  • Slideshare -- Share your presentations, documents, and films.
  • Zamzar -- Free online file converter -- Converts files from one type to another. Can make pdfs into editable documents.
  • Delicious -- Create and use bookmarks on any computer and share them with others. (This is one of the most useful tools ever!)

Resources for Goolge Earth:

Mr. Barth's Cool Tools blog at UWM:


Internet Literacy:

Advanced Google Search Operators


For teachers: